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An interview with Steve Huffman – Reddit CEO

Reddit cofounder and recently appointed CEO Steve Huffman talks about rebuilding community, racism, and free speech online.

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Reddit by Numbers

Some statistics about Reddit.


853,824 subreddits

11,464 active communities

217 countried with reddit

8.19 billion monthly page views



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By the Numbers: 60+ Amazing Reddit Statistics

Reddit The Future of the Internet – An article by


Reddit’s Future Is the Future of the Internet

Is reddit the best advice column?

Is reddit the best advice column?

Considering the vast variety of people in different fields, who have experienced a wide range of things, i think it probably is. There are redditors who are experts¬†in their field in areas like psychology, physics, medicine and more. So if you look to reddit for advice you’re bound to find someone that can help you, that will also know what they’re talking about.


Here’s an article that discuses reddits ability to give relationship advice.